In addition to all of our courses, we offer the following services for individual families, professionals and other community members

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Home/School Programming:

We recognize that many families do not have the resources to engage in traditional, clinic-based therapy services.  However, many long-term, effective results can be attained by establishing open communication and consistent daily programs of ‘tried and true’ accommodations, activity/exercises, environmental modifications and establishment of regular routines.  Our team can develop programs to share with concerned persons (family or school) to assist children blossom in their daily activities.

Distance Consultation:

Many geographic areas do not have trained professionals confident in establishing programs without seeing clients on a regular basis.  With our extensive list of therapy tools, research-based protocols, professional resources, and individualized plans, we have had great success in working with families to carry-out intervention sequences with excellent, long-lasting results.  When you do not have a resource in your area, we may be able to offer consultation using phone, video and email processes to help you access help for your child. 


Support/community/school group training:

In reaching out to several educators, parents, or concerned community members, the lives of many children may be impacted with effective ideas and activities.  We are often asked to develop brief trainings to meet the needs of groups of interested individuals.  If you are feel our knowledge might benefit your group, please contact us for more information. 


comprehensive evaluations:

As an experienced Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist, we have worked with hundreds of families in developing the most appropriate and effective plan for  children to reach their fullest potential.  We offer extensive testing and interpretation for children who may exhibit issues in the following areas:

  •      Auditory processing
  •      Functional visual issues
  •      Vestibular dysfunction
  •      Bilateral motor coordination
  •      Timing and sequencing of motor action and speech
  •      Motor Planning of motor action and speech
  •      Sensory processing
  •      Modulation and regulation of emotion, affect, activity Level
  •      Posture and movement issues
  •      Speech/Language disorders
  •      Multi-sensory integration

As part of a collaborative team, along with family, client, teachers, other professionals, we spend time compiling and analyzing evaluation results to develop the most direct, skilled, comprehensive plan to facilitate developmental progress in any of the above areas.  Programs might include clinic-based therapy services, home/school planning, distance consultation or a combination of approaches.